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It's still running and I haven't seen one ep - are those babes really that hot as in this pic? ;)

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The L-Word Cast
comment # 1 by vaken

I surely hope not, 'cause if they were - i've been missing out on something :p

comment # 2 by daff

No amount of pretty girls can redeem a show as boring, stupid and up its own ass as The L-Word. I don't know how a soap opera based on a few "hip" LA lesbians made it to five whole seasons. Surely not just because you get to see some girl-on-girl action? IMHO that works for one episode and gets really old really fast after that.

comment # 3 by maccool111

I'm with daff.

comment # 4 by mxyzptlk

Me too.... Kirshner is really hot though ;)

comment # 5 by hometimenow

This pic looks good... never seen the show

comment # 6 by bigbadbunks

Watching girls get it on is like cleavage, a car accident, a fire, a midget or anything else you can't keep your eyes off!