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Part two of the Ghost Whisperer babes.

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Aisha Tyler
comment # 1 by hippotek

she is no babe especiallz not in these clothes :(


comment # 2 by trenergy

I think shes boring to!

comment # 3 by maccool111


comment # 4 by membreya

much nicer than jennifer love hewitt ... very yummy :)

comment # 5 by atomant

she was on friends, too. nice gal.

comment # 6 by Wizard

Clothes or no clothes - shes nice.

comment # 7 by BlackHood

a natural woman with humor a will always turn me on

comment # 8 by mxyzptlk

She is so a babe! Mother Nature, Charlie... who ever she is playing, she is a babe! Nice KB!

comment # 9 by hippotek

Sorry, i don't like her face and I do believe to be a babe you need a lot more than just a face...
Dull clothes won't make a babe.
Dull face won't either.

But the good thing about taste is: I don't mind to differ. If you guys like her, like her. She is just not MY pair ob (babe) shoes :)
No offense.

comment # 10 by pattah

Nice, nice...

comment # 11 by ahriman

Gorgeous... She was hot in Balls Of Fury, she was hot on Talk Soup, she's hot here...

It takes more then giant fake exposed tits to be a babe, gentlemen!