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Now that the new season of Weeds has started Cimlite asked for a picture of MLP

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Mary Louise Parker
comment # 1 by lossow

I'm usually a sucker for brunettes with long hair and dark eyes, but somehow this one doesn't do much for me.... very odd. Can't win 'em all I suppose, but keep up the good work finding these babe pics. Overall, many more hits than misses on BotD

comment # 2 by y

i love her, and she has the cutest way of drinking from a straw, those who watch weeds probably know what im talking about.

comment # 3 by djpower1966

Love the MILFweed.

comment # 4 by misanthropist

Kinda liked her since the fried green tomato-thingy, a good actress and not hard to look at. Gotta agree with Y, she knows how to work that straw.

comment # 5 by stink_monkey2000

I'm with lossow on this one. She had a full frontal nude scene in "Angels in America", but somehow it just wasn't that sexy. She does have nice hair and eyes, though.
Do you really think she ate those chocolate bars?

comment # 6 by lancer1993

Thanks you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Love it when she wears those SHORT dresses on Weeds.

comment # 7 by karenbear

You never know, stink_monkey - maybe smoking all that weed gave her the munchies. ;)

comment # 8 by membreya

Not one person has commented on her VERY old looking hands or her hideous belly button? ..wow

comment # 9 by karenbear

But you just had to, eh membreya?

comment # 10 by maccool111

A true MILF.

comment # 11 by Newt

Not a babe imo.

If her personality is anything close to her Weeds char, then definatly someone i would like to be with to in like 10-15 years time, then i would be start/mid 30.

Example: Last episode when she is doing her hair and suddenly gets an "epiphany" about her "do stuff to hair" machine, hot, but in a realistic and not so much babe/fantasy hot way.

comment # 12 by robroy

LOVE HER!!! both in weeds and west wing!!

comment # 13 by Cimlite

Sweet! Thanks KB. :)

comment # 14 by Crysto

Cozy cute picture of her.. Love the bellybutton.. :P

comment # 15 by miGs

I dont like almond joy. :(

Pretty girl though