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It's my turn to encourage you all to go back and rate all your favourite babes of the past. Make sure you get your say for the 1000th babe!

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Bar Refaeli
comment # 1 by proteinnerd

I'm thinking the rating scale is going to kill all the comments ;(

comment # 2 by mikesullivan

I need some quiet time alone now...

comment # 3 by bigbadbunks

I was going to make heaps of comments and give plenty of ratings, but as soon as I saw this image, I was gone.

comment # 4 by Halo2

I'll probably get around to it eventually. It'll just take me to next year as I'll rate each "this time last year" everyday. Sorted.

PS, KB I hope you have something special for 1000 :D

comment # 5 by maccool111

Real connoisseurs will always find time to pass comment/judgement.
Very nice for a contrived pose with a fake background plus you can't go wrong with perky nipples.

comment # 6 by majesticjg

How 'bout a shot of KB for out 1000th?

comment # 7 by proteinnerd

LOL yeah, we want a KB side boob!!! ;P

comment # 8 by hippotek

her nipples seem to get more excited the longer I look at her :)

comment # 9 by shahar

Proud to mention she's from my country :) Israel...

comment # 10 by karenbear

No you don't, proteinnerd! :P

comment # 11 by godzionu

so this is the true girl you are all fapping for?

comment # 12 by Insuborden

She's like... wow... Prrrrrrrr... Grrrrraaaaauw!

comment # 13 by z1rra

I saw a picture of her, where her name was misspelled as Bra. I'm sure clad she isn't wearing any :D

comment # 14 by Lossow

Oh yes, I like this one very much :)

comment # 15 by TechnoGreg

The only benefit of a scoring tools is that all images are going to be 9 or 10 to 10...

comment # 16 by shahar

godzionu, that's her real life pictures:


she does look good in real life :)

comment # 17 by moyakaz

listen if leo dicaprio says she's okay who are we to argue?

comment # 18 by zé german

probably the most overated one of all..

comment # 19 by angel

So sophisticated.

comment # 20 by roesel

Not worthy of a TOP 20 place in my opinion.