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Alyssa Milano - Going old school to show some childhood TV crushes this month. Submit yours below!Alyssa MilanoTue Feb 12, 2019887.8
Alyssa Milano - Alyssa MilanoThu Oct 22, 20095037.8
Alyssa Milano - Oops, forgot to say something... uh, here, have a babe.  Ugh, I need sleep!Alyssa MilanoThu Oct 16, 20085327.5
Alyssa Milano - I love a good stretchAlyssa MilanoTue Dec 18, 20074587.9
Alyssa Milano - thatguy2001's comment the other day reminded me that we haven't had a picture of Miss Milano is quite a while.  And what better way to celebrate our 400th babe.Alyssa MilanoTue Jan 23, 20074447.8
Alyssa Milano - Charming!Alyssa MilanoFri Mar 17, 20064717.6