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Brad Pitt - Happy Holiday to whoever's celebrating!!!Brad PittThu Feb 02, 20064242.4
Joel McHale - This man so needs to do a high resolution photoshoot with his shirt off.  Humina!Joel McHaleSun May 09, 20104372.4
Gary Dourdan - I've been watching a lot of CSI recently.  Gorgeous eyes and smile!!Gary DourdanTue Apr 24, 20073822.4
Benedict Cumberbatch - I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my SquishyBenedict CumberbatchWed Apr 25, 20123682.3
Christopher Gorham - I hate how TV thinks they can make someone plain and geeky just by putting them in glssses.  Clearly a babe!Christopher GorhamFri Mar 07, 20084082.2
John Krasinski - I'm not a fan of the Gap, but they are responsible for some nice photos.  This one is downright adorable.John KrasinskiThu May 21, 20094522.2
Sean Maher - This one is for my best friend!  I know what you're going to say guys, but I'm sorry, I just couldn't find one with his shirt off.Sean MaherSat Aug 26, 20064262.2
John Barrowman & James Marsters - Filling a request from a friend of mine, who wanted a John Barrowman photo, with this promo picture for season 2 of Torchwood.  Proof that:
a) it's not just women who try to out pretty each other, and b) it's not just women who get airbrushed to death.John Barrowman & James MarstersMon Jul 16, 20073952.2
Damien Molony - So pretty!Damien MolonySun Mar 03, 20133282.1
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